Munch on God Eater in Q3 2010, North America

God Eater. I like it. It’s Namco Bandai’s Monster Hunter concept– a PSP-based hunty action RPG — but with a way better name and a bit more style. It hits Japanese PSPs on February 4, and the good news is that a North American version isn’t going to be much longer.

D3 Publisher has set a Q3 2010 release date for our version of the game, which shows me that they know this could be a big title. Judge for yourself and nab the robust Japanese demo. I liked it. It’s got a similar concept to MH, but the feel is totally different. Better? Maybe.

I’m really looking forward to this game. What about you?

D3 serving God Eater to North America in Q3 2010 [Joystiq]

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