MultiVersus update adds Stripe, Halloween gear, and gameplay tweaks

multiversus update 104 stripe patch notes

Tom & Scary

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Warner Bros Games’ fun platform scrapper MultiVersus has received a fresh update, bringing with it a selection of gameplay tweaks, some spooky-ooky Halloween content, and a brand new character in the form of the vicious and malevolent gremlin, Stripe.

Version 1.04, now available on PC and console platforms, sees Stripe join the star-studded roster as one of Season 1’s additional characters. Wielding a chainsaw and crossbow, the Assassin class fighter will utilize speed and power in lieu of health and defensive abilities. The little bastard is a pretty frightening opponent, and Gizmo better ensure that he’s stocked up on flaming Tippex to take this punk down.

gremlins stripe multiversus

And speaking of frightening, the new update includes a selection of Halloween-themed Elite skins for some of the MultiVersus roster. These include a Mummified Reindog, a super-cute Witch Velma, vampire skins for Tom & Jerry, Frankenstein Iron Giant, Calico Cake, and creepy Black Lantern variants of DC Comics heroes Superman and Wonder Woman. They all look pretty awesome, to be honest, and can be picked up for between 800-1500 Gleamium each.

In addition to the skins, MultiVersus will be holding a special Halloween event between October 15 and November 15. During this time, all players can earn “Candy” in matches, which can be saved and spent on various creepy emotes, stickers, and avatars. If there’s nothing that takes your fancy, then the accrued Candy can be exchanged for Gold in the MultiVersus store. The Mummy Reindog skin can also be purchased via Candy, though it will take a hefty 3000 pieces.

Under the hood, the new update contains additional balance tweaks and bug fixes. Perhaps most notably, the player will now receive a Move Decay penalization after three consecutive uses of an attack (down from four). Player First Games hopes that this will encourage more experimentation in character combo routes. You can check out the full Version 1.04 patch notes (and Halloween costumes) right here.

MultiVersus is available as a free-to-play beta on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms.

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