Leaked ad appears to reveal two new MultiVersus characters

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No matter how much he cries, no matter how much he begs…

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An Xbox dashboard advert appears to have jumped the gun a little early, and has apparently leaked two new characters who are in line to join the chaotic crossover brawler MultiVersus. The ad, which quickly became widespread on social media, points to the two newcomers being DC anti-hero Black Adam and Stripe, the malevolent antagonist of Joe Dante’s 1984 horror-comedy, Gremlins.

Debuting way back in 1945, and under the license of Fawcett Comics, Black Adam was an arch enemy of Shazam! (then still “Captain Marvel”). Originally an ancient Egyptian predecessor of Shazam, DC Comics has readapted Black Adam time and again as a frequent villain, sometimes anti-hero, and othertimes straight hero. Perhaps one of the single most alliance-jumping characters in comic book history, Black Adam will soon make his big-screen debut in a new movie, portrayed by Dwayne Johnson.

Stripe is the closest Gremlins has to an antagonist, given the character’s nature as the self-appointed alpha of the mischievous monsters. A clone of good guy Mogwai Gizmo, birthed after the latter was splashed with water, Stripe leads his brethren on a Christmas rampage through the town of Kingston Falls, afforded a disgusting new form after tricking owner Billy Peltzer into feeding him after midnight.

You’re already singing the theme tune, aren’t you?

MultiVersus open beta is available now on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms. You can check out the official season one patch notes, complete with their respective nerfs and buffs, on the official website.

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