Multiplayer monster-climbing adventure Towers makes one hell of an intro

I need this in my life

It takes a special something to energize me on a groggy Friday morning. Towers, a “fantastical world full of mysteries and wonders for players to explore and build together,” hits like a jolt of caffeine down my spine. The game draws elements from Shadow of the Colossus, Nausicaa, and even Harvest Moon.

It’s better if you see the arrow-slinging, creature-scaling, village-raising concept for yourself.

This footage represents a year of work from a core team of six developers, some of whom brought the multiplayer mech shooter Hawken to life, and I very much want it to become a fully-realized game.

“Please share and help spread the words to make this game a reality,” the team said. “And YES! 80% of the videos recorded are network replicated gameplay [clips] from a modified UE4 replay system. If you’re a game dev, you can appreciate the difficulty to make creature climbing multiplayer working. And we mostly have it! only a few visual kinks left to polish. Will have more updates as we get close to GDC. Thank you so much for taking the time to watch the long trailer. We know it’s a bit too long.”

Those big-eyed lumps of flesh are something else. Let’s make some noise.

Jordan Devore
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