Much bigger: See the DS Lite and the DSi XL compared

This video from UK mag Official Nintendo Magazine really puts in perspective. I knew that the DSi XL was larger, but holy crap. To hear that the XL’s screens are 93 percent larger than the DS Lite’s is one thing, but to see them running next to each other is another. You have to see this video.

It’s not just size, though. The lighting is brighter and more even, and even the quality of the image seems greater on the XL. The video shows The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks running on both. No contest. The new screens are glorious. Seeing this, I almost feel bad for calling it the Large Print version of the DSi.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sold now on this XL. While I don’t love the idea of getting a 4th version of the portable, these screens look too good to pass up.

DSi XL Vs DS Lite Video [ONM UK]

Dale North