MTV talks WoW comic: LFDPS for heroic Laguna Beach raid

While I realize the Music Television network and MTV’s Multiplayer Blog are two separate entities, my mind simply cannot separate them, so while reading their coverage of the upcoming World of Warcraft comic from Wildstorm, I kept recalling all those episodes of The State and Æon Flux I spent my formative years watching and of course getting really upset that the entire network is now just an advertisement for the ideals they created within the vapid minds of America’s children.

Despite their inclusion of six gorgeously drawn pages (with cover art by Jim Lee), and a ton of information indicating the comic will remain truthful to my beloved source material, I could only wonder what happened to Puck after Pedro died and MTV decided AIDS was too controversial for the youth of the nation.

Even with quotes from famed comic writer Walter Simonson, a man known for his work on Marvel’s Thor (a Norse deity/superhero who wouldn’t seem out of place in Azeroth), I couldn’t get my mind off of how even The Grind was infinitely more watchable than any program the television branch has put together in the last decade.

I’m sorry guys, I can’t read this. Short of mailing me those unreleased Sifl & Olly DVDs, I just can’t look at this piece without fearing for the future of humanity. 

Earnest Cavalli
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