MTV says Rock Band will be like MTV when MTV didn’t suck so much

Remember when MTV used to actually play music? I mean, at this point, it’s almost become a tired and recycled joke to say that MTV still spells out and means “Music Television.” Well, with the upcoming MTV-related property Rock Band, the network is building their own little hype train by saying the title will revolutionize the gaming industry just like MTV did with the music industry way back when they might throw on a video or two.  Words of wisdom from an executive:

“In 1981 the music industry and pop culture was changed forever with the birth of MTV,” commented Yapp.

“Fast forward to 2007 and MTV is set to revolutionise the music industry once again with Rock Band – an all new platform for music fans and gamers alike to interact with the music and artists they love,”

“Rock Band signifies the evolution of not only our audience but also of MTV and its media model In today’s world of social networking, instant messaging, digital downloading and blogging, Rock Band represents a significant leap towards connecting our audience through their love of music.”

“It represents an entire social landscape for music fans and gamers alike to experience and enjoy music with others all over the world.”

“Due to the vastness of our catalogue and the unlimited amount of music Rock Band can use we’re confident that Rhino’s hits and hidden gems will be a big part of Rock Band’s success for years to come.”

So does this mean in 10 years that the video game industry will be flooded with Real World and Laguna Beach games? Oh God, I hope so. 

[Via GamesIndustry]

Robert Summa