MTV Multiplayer announces gaming’s greatest aquatic animal, no surprises

MTV Multiplayer continues one of their most popular features, and today has announced the results of their “Greatest Aquatic Animal in the History of Video Games” search. Multiplayer’s Tracey John had asked me to participate as a judge, and I could have had a tougher job.

The world of aquatic animals in gaming is great and complicated, from the Bloopers from Super Mario Bros. to the Finny the Fish of Finny the Fish & the Seven Waters “fame.” Ultimately, the spirit and influence of Destructoid’s dolphin-loving Chad Concelmo forced the hands of the judges, and Sega’s Ecco the Dolphin emerged as an overwhelming favorite.

I know our own Hamsa “CTZ” Aziz will be miffed that no sharks were chosen as finalists — was a grave error in judgement made when choosing Ecco the Dolphin?

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