MTV Games/Harmonix calls drum pedal lawsuit ‘opportunistic and baseless’

On Friday we reported that MTV Games and Harmonix were being hit with a class action lawsuit over what was being labeled a “design defect” in the bass pedal for Rock Band drums. 

Today, MTV Games and Harmonix have taken the time to respond, calling the litigation “opportunistic and baseless.”

“Harmonix and MTV Games are dedicated to consumers having an outstanding experience with our products,” a spokeperson for Harmonix/MTV Games said. “When used as directed, our drum pedals are designed to provide years of enjoyment. In addition, at the launch of Rock Band we offered consumers an extended opportunity return defective or broken hardware for any reason whatsoever — no questions asked.”

From personal experience, I’ve had one pedal break on me while using it “as directed,” but this was after close to a year of trying to beat “Run to the Hills” on Expert. Just as the spokesperson said, my pedal was replaced with no questions asked; I actually received a new pedal within less than a week. 

How many readers have had pedal issues? Do you think this class action is necessary?

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