Mt. Movie License: Paramount gets into the games business

Following Warner Bros., Paramount has expanded their interactive department to get into the videogames business.

Variety says that they will either partially or fully finance titles and will oversee title development. Not surprisingly, they intend to focus on Paramount film properties and older catalog titles. The group seems most interested in making casual, handheld and mobile games, as the development costs are much lower than a typical console game. They will also continue licensing some of their properties to other game publishers as it has in the past.

“We are entering into deals now where we will be publishing games this year,” said Sandi Isaacs, Paramount’s senior VP of interactive and mobile. “There’s going to be a slate where in some cases we’re publishing, in some cases we’re co-publishing, or in others we’re funding development and another publisher buys it. It’s important for us to have a flexible model.”

Matt Candler, formerly of Activision, Grind Games, Seven Studios and Six Studios, will act as VP. 

What do you think Paramount has in store for us? Should we get our hopes up?  

[Via Next-Gen

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