MrBeast, Ninja, G2, and Aim Lab win Fall Guys’ charity auction with a $1 million bid

Good on ’em!

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By their bank accounts combined, four sets of deep pockets chipped in together to win Fall Guys‘ “Battle of the Brands” charity auction. That’s bending the rules a bit, but no one’s gonna cry foul when a cool mil is going to a good cause.

YouTuber MrBeast, streamer Ninja, esports org G2, and FPS training software Aim Lab came up with a collaborative bid of $1 million for charity. Fall Guys developer Mediatonic chose UK-based Special Effect as the recipient of the proceeds. Special Effect is dedicated to making gaming accessible for people with physical disabilities.

For their contributions, they’re each getting their own bean suit in Fall Guys. This is probably more reasonable than jamming all four brands onto one skin, although that would’ve been much more horrific and entertaining. 

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