Mr. Shifty is getting a Switch patch, after devs told people to get it on PC instead


[Update: It’s worth reading the full TinyBuild post that clarifies their stance on the issue.]

Most of the time, developers don’t tell people to “buy another version” if one of them is suffering technical issues — especially if that version is a console exclusive that Nintendo made a big deal out of in multiple lead up videos.

Well, Team Shifty did just that when asked by a fan about fixing the framerate issues on the Switch version of Mr. Shifty. After stating “remember that even Zelda stutters,” they then noted that they were a “small team,” and finally closed by telling the user that “there’s always the Steam version.”

I completely get where they’re coming from, but the final response is especially bizarre, and it would be nice to see the Switch version eventually get patched. Thankfully publisher TinyBuild stepped in, and confirmed that Mr. Shifty would eventually get a performance patch.

Mr. Shifty Devs Tackling Frame Rate Issues [Nintendo Life]

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