Movietoid continues: Kane & Lynch to get film

It hasn’t even been released yet, but the rather awesome looking co-op shooter, Eidos’ Kane and Lynch, is looking to hop on board the movie gravy train. A director has almost signed on the dotted line as well, Jieho Lee, who made The Air I Breathe, a movie I have not seen which means it doesn’t matter, but the creepy, date rapist lookalike Kevin Bacon was in it, apparently.

From what has been shown of the video game, there’s plenty of scope to make a dark, violent, gritty film out of it, and for some reason, I really think they should get Robert Patrick to play Kane.

This is one in a goodly line of video game based movies coming out lately. I will now be an elite gaming snob and declare that they all SUCK! Ooh, that felt so aloof.

[Via Ain’t It Cool

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