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Moviehouse lets you run your own film studio April 5

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Assemble Entertainment has announced today that Odyssey Studios’ film studio management game Moviehouse will launch April 5 for Windows and MacOS.

Moviehouse is a management game that starts you out in your humble trailer and has you drive your capitalistic art venture into a fat stack of cash. You hire the cast, plot out your movie, and even cover the marketing. There appears to be location scouting, expanding your lot, and even reviews from disgusting critics.

I was hoping for The Movies, but Moviehouse looks more like Game Dev Story. That may sound like a complaint, but I love Game Dev Story. There’s just a big The Movies-sized hole in my heart that needs filling. I actually spoke to Mark Webley and Chris Knott before Two Point Campus released, and I asked them why we can’t buy The Movies on Steam anymore. Mark Webley looked a bit sad and basically replied that he didn’t know but, “wished that [he] could still buy it.”

Despite it looking like there won’t be stitching an actual viewable movie together, Moviehouse looks like it’s right up my alley. I love this style of management game, and the tools that are given to you look like they leave a lot of room for creativity. Yeah, I think I’m on board.

I’ll have to wait until April 5, 2023 for its release, however. Moviehouse is coming to Windows and MacOS via GOG and Steam.

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