Movie exec does his deals over Xbox Live

If there’s one thing that videogame movies lack, it’s people at the helm who are actually in touch with the media they are exploiting. Enter Jeff Katz, the man responsible for the Gears of War movie deal. Not only does he have a rather awesome name, he also uses Xbox Live in his business dealings. That’s pretty hardcore.

“I do business on Xbox Live. When I was at New Line, I put the Gears of War deal together for the movie over Xbox Live,” states the man formerly working with X-Men Origins: Wolverine. “It’s been good to me, so I’m loyal to it.”

As stated, Katz was with New Line Cinema before moving to Fox. He has since left Fox for a secret venture. Hopefully he can keep lending his gamer credentials to game-based movies. Since Hollywood insists on producing them, the least it could do is get people who actually know what the source material is.

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