Move support you can’t use yet added to PlayStation 3

With its latest firmware update, Sony added quite a few new features to the PlayStation 3. Video editing, new sharing features, and… PlayStation Move support?

Quietly snuck into the update is an option to calibrate the upcoming Motion controller, which is set to launch later this year. So what are we supposed to do with it now? There are a few options. You can wait patiently for Move’s September 19 release. Or you can stand in front of your PS3 with a Wii controller or TV remote and play “make believe.”

Good on Sony, preparing for the future. This isn’t the first time it’s been so forward thinking with its updates — it had previously prepped its software for 3D games months before any were released. That’s calling “being on the ball.”

PlayStation Move support added to XMB with PS3 firmware 3.40 [Joystiq]

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