Move out Trauma Center, Sarah is ready to operate

Today, everyone’s favorite Portuguese developer GameInvest announced Sarah’s Emergency Room for the Nintendo DS, Wii, XBLA, PSN, and PC. Emergency Room is a simulation game, based around the experiences of a nurse caring for her patients in a frenzied hospital. The game is said to feature exciting tasks like talking to doctors and ushering patients through exam room doors.

Sarah’s Emergency Room boasts over seven different hospitals, each with their own set of stairs. Players will also have the opportunity to change difficulty levels to make the game harder or easier. The game will even have 3D graphics and a map function.

Kidding aside, I really don’t know what to make of this game. I love Trauma Center for the operations, so hopefully Sarah’s Emergency Room is willing to fulfill my dreams of being a nurse. Check out the new screens below to get your first taste of the game, and check out the full press release after the break.

GAMEINVEST Announces Sarah’s Emergency Room for Nintendo DS, Wii,

Forget Bee Stings and Broken Bones – Head to the Hospital for Fun This Summer

LISBON – July 8, 2008
Portugal’s leading video games investor and developer, GAMEINVEST, is
bringing hospital drama to multiple platforms this summer with Sarah’s
Emergency Room. Currently in development for Nintendo DS™, Wii™,
PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade and PC platforms, Sarah’s
Emergency Room is a time management and hospital simulation game where
players take on the role of a young nurse, caring for patients in
fast-paced hospital environments. GAMEINVEST is currently looking for
qualified distribution and publishing partners for Sarah’s Emergency
Room on the various platforms.

“Sarah’s Emergency Room revives the time management genre with fun,
challenging levels and a frenetic pace with simulation management
skills,” said GAMEINVEST founder and CEO Paulo Gomes. “Our commitment
to quality and accessibility shines with beautiful graphics and a
pick-up-and-play interface.”

Sarah’s Emergency Room casts players as Sarah, a young nurse who has
recently graduated from college in California and is struggling to
find a job. In a twist of fate, Sarah is hired for a nursing position
at a small hospital in Arkansas, where she discovers that managing an
emergency room is a bit harder than she expected. At the hospital, she
tends to all patients who walk through the door, diagnosing, taking
X-rays, filling prescriptions and assisting in the operating room.
Play through the game’s narrative to the exciting conclusion – will
Sarah’s career as a nurse be a success?

Using a Wii remote, DS stylus, controller or mouse, players will
direct the nurse, Sarah, and the patients, rushing between doctors and
exam rooms. When working at larger hospitals, players will see
multiple on-screen levels, enabling them to manage different floors,
moving players with the elevator. The 3D graphics, seven hospitals,
and increasing levels of difficult tasks will challenge time
management gamers of all ages.

Based in Portugal, GAMEINVEST is an investor, developer and publisher
dedicated to creating interactive entertainment for everyone. Founded
on the principle that games have popular reach across all age groups,
GAMEINVEST is focused on producing original titles that engage
wide-spread international markets and all types of players. Currently
supported by €3MM in private investment funding, GAMEINVEST is a
forward-looking company poised to expand the audience and acceptance
of the interactive entertainment medium as both an art form, and a
leisure activity. With more than a dozen games in production for a
variety of market segments, the company is pioneering new ways for
games to become popular, mainstream entertainment for all. For more
information please visit:

(c)2008 GAMEINVEST. All rights reserved. Nintendo DS and Wii are
registered trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc.

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