Move along, nothing to see here: PS3 Stranglehold (not) on hold (Update)

[UPDATE: 1UP actually, you know, checked with Midway on this, and it turns out that the European PR rep forgot to put the PS3 date on the release. Stranglehold for PS3 is still on track for a September 17th release.]

PS3 Fanboy caught word from Dutch gaming site PS3Only that the PS3 version of Midway’s Stranglehold is “definitely out this year” but it has “no confirmed street date as yet.”

The Xbox 360 and PC versions of this game are due out on August 27th, but PS3 Fanboy notes that the PS3 listing was absent from the press release.

With all of the recently announced delays, it’s almost like it is being pounded into our heads to expect delays, and we can’t blame PS3 owners for getting a bit antsy. 

[Via PS3 Fanboy

Dale North