Mount and Blade soundtrack is free and awesome

Full disclosure time — I’ve never played any of the Mount and Blade games for a significant length of time. I just can’t get into them, though a few of my real-time, action-strategy PC game loving friends swear by the series. You ride around on horses and hack up dudes, but with strategy. That’s a thing that people can enjoy. Sadly, I don’t seem to be one of those people.

More full disclosure — the score for each of the Mount and Blade games was written by my close friend Jesse Hopkins. I’ve known Jesse for over ten years. We’ve worked together on Kaiju Big Battel projects, fan made videogames, short films, podcasts, and all sorts of other crap. That said, I’m not telling you about Jesse’s work on the upcoming Mount and Blade: with Fire and Sword just because I’m friends with the guy. If his music sucked, I’d be sure not to tell you about it, just like if I found a picture of Jesse with a huge booger on his beard, I wouldn’t post. I don’t want to make my friend look bad.

Luckily for all of this, the soundtrack for Mount and Blade: with Fire and Sword is really good. Jesse need not be ashamed, and my already tarnished creditability as a videogame blogger can remain at approximately the same level of tarnish. Don’t believe me? Download the soundtrack and find out for yourself.

Jonathan Holmes
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