MotorStorm sequel drops October 28, GameStop exclusive pre-order demo

Sony has announced that the upcoming tropical-island-themed MotorStorm Pacific Rift will be hitting stores on October 28.

Looking to play it a bit early? It looks like pre-ordering the title at GameStop will net you a “retailer-exclusive” demo, so get your five dollars warmed up; the demo will feature split-screen multiplayer as well as a race against the computer. Sony are also hinting at other pre-order programs that will be announced in the coming weeks, so there’s a chance you won’t have to step foot into a GameStop store afterall. 

Pacific Rift will feature full trophy support for those of you in to that kind of thing. We wonder if the game will have any connectivity with the rumored PlayStation Portable MotorStorm … 

Interesting to note is the revealed box art — check out the new fancy “Only On PlayStation” header. Well, I guess we can squash those Wii port rumors before they start, right?


Nick Chester