MotorStorm 2 to feature 16 tracks, Home integration confirmed

Speaking with digital gaming magazine D+Pad, MotorStorm 2‘s game director Nigel Kershaw has revealed that the upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive will feature 16 tracks, and will feature full integration with Sony’s yet-to-be-launched Home.

“Home is a really exciting area for all PlayStation 3 developers,” Kershaw told D+Pad, “it’s going to have a huge impact upon the gaming public when it comes out. I think it’s going to really start binding the PS3 online community together. I’m really looking forward to watching it progress, and MotorStorm will be a strong presence from the off.”

As far as the game’s 16 tracks — which may seem like a paltry sum, but is actually twice as many as the original — Kershaw is promising that each will be distinct and fully interactive.

“The environments are much more interactive in the new game,” he said. “This is especially true of the new track elements – the water, vegetation, lava and so on. And again, their effects differ from one vehicle class to the next.”

You can read more about MotorStorm 2‘s all-new engine, new Monster Truck class-type, and see more screenshots in the latest issue of D+Pad, which can be downloaded for free from their Web site.

[Via CVG]

Nick Chester