MotionPlus not a Nintendo exclusive: Other people interested

InvenSense, the people responsible for creating the MotionPlus sensor that will soon make the Wii a complete product, have stated that as delighted as they are with the new relationship, it is not an exclusive deal.

“Of course we’re incredibly pleased – delighted would probably be a better adjective – that Nintendo approached us… but it’s not an exclusive relationship,” stated InvenSense’s Joe Virginia. “I can’t get into details about other folks that are interested in this technology, but as you might imagine of course there is more interest out there.”

Virginia was also quick to point out what his company’s new add-on will do for Wii development: “With six degrees of freedom you can basically make any movement at all, and be able to track that in combination with the sensor bar and other sensors included in the Wii remote. Add the gyroscope capability and you have the ability to work in all three dimensions of space.”

So, will Microsoft be courting InvenSense to add some depth to its mystical, fabled motion controller? Will Sony develop yet another piece of hardware to give us a DepthAxiShock 3? Who knows, or even cares?

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