Motion-controlled Remedy game suggested by job listing

Time and time again, we’ve heard Remedy talk about how great a sequel to Alan Wake would be. There’s still no definitive answer as to what the studio is working on, but whatever it is, it’s taking place on the same engine used for Alan Wake. And it might involve motion control.

As per usual, this information comes to us by way of a job listing, which can be viewed here. The position is for a programmer to work on an upcoming “AAA console project” and “experience on motion-control technology (e.g. Kinect)” is appreciated.

Not a whole to go on, sure, but you can let your imagination run wild on this one. I’d take a motion-controlled Alan Wake if the bulk of the interactions took place on a regular gamepad and Kinect was used to augment the experience. Hell, that goes for any action game from any big-name developer.

Remedy looking for Kinect programmer to work on “next iteration” Wake engine [VG247]

Jordan Devore
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