Mothership Zeta launches on Xbox LIVE

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The (supposedly) last bit of Fallout 3 downloadable content is available via Xbox LIVE Marketplace. “Mothership Zeta” beams your Fallout 3 character above the Capital Wastelands and into the belly of a hostile alien spacecraft. Battling to the bridge in order to escape shouldn’t be an issue: Bethesda crafted a variety of new alien weapons for players to use. Judging strictly by the last alien blaster we got our hands on in the core game, these new (alien) pups should be packing a colossal — scratch that — an intergalactic wallop.

The content is available for 800 Microsoft Banana Dollars and if the gods are smiling on Bethesda again, players should be able to play this content from the moment of download completion.

We don’t have our hands on the content yet, so we’re relying on you. How is it?

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