Mother who kidnapped own daughter gets a free PS3

I’ve complained many times about how screwed up the British justice system, and here’s something that truly exemplifies the problem. 33-year-old Karen Matthews made British headlines when she had her own daughter kidnapped to claim the reward money. Now serving time in prison, she’s been rewarded for good behavior with — of all things — a PlayStation 3.

A PS3. Something that non-criminals have to pay a lot of money for has been given to a woman who kidnapped her own daughter for free. If she had not, in fact, been such a bitch of a mother, she would not own a PS3 right now. 

I do hate to sound like a British tabloid, but in this instance, I agree that it’s absurd and criminals are getting too easy a time. Prison is supposed to be a punishment, not a daycare center, and during this current economic climate, do we really need the government to be buying £300 entertainment systems for people ordinarily too poor and stupid to afford them?

“She is extremely unpopular with other cons and is kept apart from them,” says a prison source. “There is an obvious fear that she will be a target for other criminals who want to get her back for what she did to her little girl.” 

If anybody has any children they don’t need, let me know. I could do with a brand new PS3.

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