Mother sees Petz and gets Sprung

Kara Petrich, a mother in Spanaway, Washington, purchased a seemingly harmless copy of Petz: Monkeyz House from a Big Lots for her nine year-old daughter. Imagine the thrill and excitement around the house when it was discovered that the game she purchased was not the family-friendly fare which was anticipated. It was, instead, the mildly sleazy Sprung.

What’s somewhat interesting about this particular incident is that all of the packaging, down to the label on the cartridge, was correct. Petrich was “outraged” by the content of Sprung (which seemingly only confused the young girl), as one might expect from someone unpleasantly surprised by something like this.

It’s almost certainly an innocent mix-up. I highly doubt that there’s some malicious employee working for whoever it is that actually packages games for Ubisoft, amusing as that thought is to entertain.

Now, the real reason I posted this: If you could package any one game as any other game and then put it in the hands of a nine year-old, what would it be?

Mislabeled risqué video game gives 9-year-old an eyeful [KOMO News]

Conrad Zimmerman