Mortal Kombat’s shocking new real-life Fatality

An 18-year-old Brazilian gamer had to be rushed to the hospital after being shocked by lightning while holding two Super Nintendo controllers (one in his mouth) while playing the classic fighting game Mortal Kombat. It is unclear whether God of Lightning Raiden had anything to do with the incident.

Being a good mentoring gamer, Aguinaldo César Alves had temporarily put his own controller into his mouth while attempting to show his 8-year-old cousin Junior a move with the other controller. Lighting struck him in this unnatural configuration, knocking him out completely. There were no serious injuries, but it did fudge his gaming rig:

“I’m going to see if someone can get me a new console, because this was my only video game” he declared.

So, for you fighting game fans, the move goes like this: controller in mouth + controller in hand + lightning strike = IRL Raiden Fatality

[via Gizmodo]

Dale North