Mortal Kombat X just got two hotfixes, another is on the way

Ermac, Kenshi, and Cassie Cage fixed

Netherealms is chugging along at 200 miles an hour, bullet train style, with both DLC and hotfixes for all three current versions of Mortal Kombat X. After scrambling to fix the PC edition of the game, they’re also moving on to specific character fixes.

Just this week, Ermac’s Master of Souls meter drain glitch was patched as was Kenshi’s Leaping Sword and Head Splitter abilities. Cassie Cage’s Spec Ops build was also fixed, as it would lock up the game when did a specific attack to a Grandmaster Sub-Zero ice clone — haha, such a specific bug.

Netherrealm has also announced that Kung Lao will be fixed as well, as he has a glitch that allows him to build meter too quickly.

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