Mortal Kombat X is nearly as popular as Ultra Street Fighter IV at Combo Breaker

A very small difference at the moment

The hyped has worked out for Mortal Kombat X it seems. It’s done well both critically and commercially, and the fighting game community has taken a liking to it professionally as well. According to lead organizer Rick Thiher, Mortal Kombat X has obtained nearly as many registrants as Ultra Street Fighter IV, still the current king of tournaments all across the country, at Combo Breaker. In fact, as of yesterday, it was only behind by three players.

That’s pretty massive, and it has plenty of room to grow from here. Although I didn’t dig the story mode as much as the reboot a few years back, the actual mechanics are superior, and it’s a very well crafted fighter.

Rick Thiher [Twitter via Shoryuken]

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