Mortal Kombat reboot? Scorpion to be played by Morgan Freeman

IGN (yes, that IGN) has word that the next feature film based on the Mortal Kombat series will not be a sequel to the previous two. Instead it will be a reboot of the entire series. Here’s a quote;

“The movie is not going to be a prequel, sequel, or in any form be related to the previous 2 movie. Pretty much like Batman Begins, is going to restart the series with new concepts, stories, etc.,” a scooper informed

The report adds, “The reason it is taking so long is the script, so many parts are involved. The team at Threshold (the ones that holds the right to MK) are constantly writing drafts (along with the director), which they have to send to Midway (makers of the game) so the creator of the game (Ed Boon) adds notes and some input to the draft, then to the studio (rumored to be Lionsgate at this moment).”

Since Rev has yet to write an article about why we’re all idiots for not being enamored with the original two Mortal Kombat films, it’s safe to say they fall cleanly into the range of crap-movie-to-game translations. If Gene Siskel hadn’t been eaten by bears a few years ago, I’m sure he would agree (and, of course, Roger Ebert would claim to have been moved by the plight of Johnny Cage, proudly proclaiming the original Mortal Kombat “the Little Miss Sunshine of 1995″. Also, of course, Roger Ebert is a damn fool.) 

With the latest few iterations of Mortal Kombat on home consoles, there has been a great expansion of the story, and a certain level of drama was added to the games that was not present previously. Of course, many gamers prefer the levity of being able to transform into a polar bear and hump your opponent to bits, but the greater dramatic elements of the recent titles makes for a much easier transition to the silver screen.

I’m torn, kids. I can’t decide if this is a positive or a negative. Can someone please make up my mind for me?

Earnest Cavalli
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