Mortal Kombat Kollector’s Edition is HOLY CRAP DO WANT!

Mortal Kombat‘s obligatory limited edition was announced yesterday, but we lacked images. Now we have a picture of the thing in all its glory, and holy nipples, that looks like some neat swag! 

The Mortal Kombat Kollector’s Edition boasts an art book, some “classic” costume DLC, and a sweet Scorpion/Sub-Zero figure. Just check out the Scorpion in the pics. I’m no fighting game player, but I want to pick this up just to have that thing on my desk. 

As well the Kollector’s Edition, we also have the Tournament Edition, which comes with a fight stick and the aforementioned DLC. While less opulent than the Kollector’s Edition, it will be more limited, with only 20,000 copies available. 

Looks like an exciting time for MK fans. Which one are you hoping to get?

[Via Shoryuken]

Jim Sterling