Mortal Kombat films on Blu-ray come with MK PS3 costume

Before the live-action Mortal Kombat short film that got dormant fans jazzed up about the series again, there was Man Island. And what a glorious island it was.

Mortal Kombat (2011) hits store shelves on April 19 in North America, and on the very same day, Mortal Kombat (the film) and MK: Annihilation are releasing on Blu-ray. If you pick up either movie, you’ll get a redeemable code for an exclusive Jade character costume for the PlayStation 3 version of the game.

Nothing in this world has prepared you for this kind of free movie throw-in. I know all of my expectations have been destroyed.

Mortal Kombat and MK: Annihilation Blu-rays include costume for game [Joystiq]

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