Mortal Kombat boss Ed Boon re-imagines an M-rated PS4 Spider-Man

Finish him

Spider-Man took the world by storm with its T for Teen rating, racking up millions in sales. How would it have fared if it was rated M? Mortal Kombat legend Ed Boon wants to know.

Taking to Twitter, Boon asks “What if the awesome Spider-Man game was made by NetherRealm,” posting a video of an action sequence with the bone-crunching X-Ray attacks spliced in. For a random Twitter joke it’s pretty well edited and was worth a chuckle!

Insomniac, the real developers of Spider-Man, are currently gearing up for their three-part season pass for the game. NetherRealm Studios have been resting a bit since delivering a ton of DLC for 2017’s Injustice 2, and are expected to reveal a new project in the near future based on vague tweets by Boon.

Chris Carter
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