Mortal Kombat movie has a sequel in the works

Mortal Kombat movie sequel

The most recent silver screen production of Mortal Kombat is getting a sequel

New Line’s Mortal Kombat is reportedly greenlit for a follow-up. Deadline reports that a Mortal Kombat sequel is in the works with Moon Knight head writer Jeremy Slater on to write.

Further details on the follow-up are scarce. Deadline reports that no other deals for the sequel are locked at this point.

Mortal Kombat did pretty well in its box office opening, as it also premiered on HBO Max. And it was, for the most part, a pretty solid martial arts action flick. It used newcomer Cole Young to explore the world of Mortal Kombat and the conflict between Earthrealm and Outworld.

Still, while introducing some movie-exclusive elements in one hand, it also kept faithful to the series’ legacy with the other. I was a big fan of its portrayal of characters like Jax and Hanzo Hasashi, a.k.a. Scorpion. The fight scene between Scorpion and Sub-Zero was pretty dang incredible.

For a new film, there’s definitely still some lore left to use. It could move into an actual full-blown tournament, or go the Mortal Kombat: Annihilation route and mix elements of the first few games together. Hopefully without any Animalities, that is. Plus, the stinger at the end teased Cole headed off to Los Angeles to find the one and only Johnny Cage.

However far off a new installment is, it’s nice to at least have some decently high hopes. I won’t turn down an excuse to see another Mortal Kombat movie, and video game adaptations have been steadily improving over the years. Hopefully New Line can overcome the sequel slump with this one.

Eric Van Allen