Mortal Kombat 11 Joker Fatalities, Brutalities, Krushing Blow and Friendship guide


The Clown Prince of Crime himself, The Joker, is now available for Kombat Pass owners in NetherRealm’s Studio’s violent fighting title Mortal Kombat 11. Easily one of the most recognisable and popular comic book characters of all time, Joker now brings his personal brand of sick, homicidal carnage to Outworld and its denizens.

And you know what, on first impressions, he’s not a bad character. Joker has very deceptive reach, thanks to his long legs and cane, allowing him to start combos from just outside the reach of many characters. Said combos also have great mix-up capabilities, thanks to a brutal overhead blow option, which offers unpredictable strings that play mind games with those on the defensive.

While Joker’s projectile attacks have a pretty horrendous startup, many of them have awkward and difficult to dodge trajectories, causing havoc for players attempting to approach The Man Who Laughs. Throw in a parry, and a unique move sees Joker set the floor alight – thus creating pressure for downed or cornered opponents – and there’s a lot of tools available for those who want to take a walk on the wild side.

But that’s not what you’re here for. Chances are you’re here because you just downloaded the master of mayhem and want to start adding to his already insanely long kill list. Thus, here’s a short guide to showing the rest of the MK universe one bad day.

Wait ’til they get a load of you…


Party Pooper:
(Mid-Range) Down, Forward, Back, 2

As featured in the above trailer, this fatality sees Joker a nice cake, followed by the appearance of a ramshackle “Friendship” sign, referencing Mortal Kombat’s earlier years. The cake then explodes, sending the hapless victim sky-high. Joker peppers the opponent with a Tommy-gun, also popping the Friendship balloons and revealing the punch-line: A fatality and a helluva lot of mess. I really dig Joker’s “OOH!” right at the end.

Pop Goes The Mortal:
(Mid-Range) Back, Down, Back, 1

While singing a twisted version of nursery rhyme and 3rd Bass classic “Pop Goes The Weasel”, Joker uses an extendable boxing glove to cave a hole in his opponent. Joker then winds a Jack-in-the-Box and places it inside his foe’s cavernous torso, resulting in the grimmest “pop” since Billy Mumy sent that guy to the cornfield in The Twilight Zone.

Stage Fatality:
(Close) Back, Forward, Up, 4
Works on Dead Pool, RetroKade, and Shaolin Trap Dungeon stages only.

Friendship: Come On, Bats
(Mid) Down, Down, Down, Down, 3

Joker cocks his revolver, preparing to add to his already mammoth body count, but he is interrupted by a thrown item from a familiar foe. Resigned to the fact, Joker instead produces some colourful balloons instead.


Rise Up:
Down + 2
– Triggers if a punish or counter to a High attack

Show’s Over:
Forward + 2, 1, 2
– Last hit triggers if kombo is a punish or a counter

Grand Entrance:
Forward + 3, 2
– Triggers if only second hit connects

Forward Throw:
Forward Throw
– Triggers if Fatal Blow is on cooldown

Back, Forward, 2
– Triggers if hits at full range, or as a punish or counter

Birdboy Beatdown:
Back, Forward, 2 (Amplified)
– Triggers after landing three amplified Birdboy Beatdowns

(Remember these must be unlocked in towers first, because that’s how it works now shrug)

The Klassic:
All Variations: (Close) Down + 2 (Hold 2)
– Do not block in final round
– Final hit must come from Down + 2

Playful Puppet:
Down, Back, 3 (Hold 3)
– Final Hit must come from Puppet Parry

Head Case:
Back, Forward, 4 (Amplified)
– Must have performed five C C D D E G E C
– Final hit must come from Amplified C C D D E G E C

Batter Up:
Back, Forward, 2 (Amplified)
– Final hit must come from Amplified Birdboy Beatdown

Together Forever:
Down, Back, 3 (Release 3 to start fire then quickly hold 3 again)
– Final hit must come from Getting Lit

Blam Blam Blam:
Back Throw, then 1 & 2 repeatedly

The Joker is now available in-game. Mortal Kombat 11 is available on PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Be sure to check out our finisher guides for Robocop and Spawn, as well as our complete Friendship guide.

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