More Z-list ‘celebrities’ infect EA’s FaceBreaker

Previously in our FaceBreaker coverage, we reported on someone I’ve never heard of appearing in EA’s cartoony new boxing game. Today, we’re here to do it again, as yet another pair of practically anonymous scrotes are due to show up in the game too.

Who are Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt? Not a clue, but they are now part of the FaceBreaker cast. Hailing from some (probably dreadful) MTV reality TV show, they will be the latest part of EA’s plan to seemingly turn a quirky sports game into an embarrassing parade of talentless bottom feeders who are famous purely for fame’s own sake. 

Who will be next to join FaceBreaker? Paris Hilton? Rod Stewart’s daughter? The dog from The Littlest Hobo? Well, at least with the latter, you can guarantee an element of skill and housebreaking.

James Stephanie Sterling