More ‘Xi’ mystery: Veilcorp wants you for … something

We haven’t said much about “Xi” since its debut in PlayStation Home. This is partially due to it being so weird. It’s an ARG based in a virtual world. That’s like, uh, deep man. Deep. But the other scrap of reasoning as to why we haven’t brought it up recently is because nothing “big” has happened in it.

Well, as you can imagine, it looks like something special is brewing in Xi. Today, a posting asked the question “Who is Veilcorp?” From what we gather, this is something that only “Xi” acolytes will be able to answer.

This is all weird — Veilcorp thinks they own “Xi” and are hiring people out of it — so check out Sony’s official blog for the full teaser. Part of the mystery can be solved, apparently, by signing up for an interview with Veilcop. You can do that here if you’d like. Tell us how it goes if you dare part with the details.

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