More Xbox One X pre-orders will go up in September

And we’ll get a heads-up ahead of time

Last weekend, Microsoft held its first round of pre-orders for the Xbox One X. In a quasi-surprise announcement at gamescom, the Project Scorpio edition was revealed and then immediately made available for pre-order. Soon after, all major retailers sold through their allotted supplies.

In a post on Xbox Wire, Microsoft lauded this wave as the “fastest-selling Xbox pre-order ever.” It’s a fairly empty statement because it’s missing one crucial piece of information: How many were sold. It may be an impressive statistic if many Project Scorpio editions were made available; but, it may be a weak spin if there was a laughably low number to sell through.

We’ve asked Microsoft to comment and clarify this claim. We received a generic “We do not disclose these numbers” response, and that was completely expected. This is the sort of thing companies almost unilaterally decline to comment on.

However, there is a more helpful nugget tucked away inside the Xbox Wire post. Microsoft says that more Xbox One pre-orders (for the standard edition, not more Project Scorpio editions) will be made available next month. There’s also indication that we’ll be given a heads-up before they go live, as the post reads “We will be announcing details of the next wave…next month so stay tuned for more information.”

The takeaway here is that anyone who cares to pre-order an Xbox One X should be able to do it. Telegraphing plans in this way means that anyone who’s paying attention will know exactly when they have to be ready. They don’t have to worry about missing out because pre-orders went up unexpectedly at 3am during the work week. That makes for the peace of mind that’s welcomed with open arms.

Thanks to our Fans, Xbox One X is Fastest-Selling Xbox Pre-Order Ever [Xbox Wire]

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