More The Who coming to The Rock Band

Which hat to put on. I can toss on my Nick Chester’s singing vagina hat because this is a Rock Band story or I can put on my Samit hat because it has to do with the Superbowl and FOOTBALL! Nick’s hat is more comfortable, but it won’t stop singing and always wants to play Rock Band. However, if I put on my Samit hat I’ll have to watch the Pro-Bowl (shudder). What to do. Can’t decide. Brain Aneurysm!

OK, I blacked out for a minute there, but I think we’ve got it settled. I’m just wearing both hats and I can easily tell you that it appears more The Who will be coming to Rock Band thanks to the bands Superbowl appearance. It appears an ad will be running during the Superbowl announcing this fact and that you will be able to download the new tracks on that day. It seems that after eating and drinking yourself into a stupor watching the Superbowl we’ll all be able to rock exactly like the halftime show we didn’t watch.

[Thanks, Powerglove]

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