More Strong Bad: three trailers from the upcoming Wiiware title


Yesterday, I came bearing news of Strong Bad and his irresistible-sounding new game for Wiiware, Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People. I waited until late in the day per the word of the kind Telltale PR peeps that trailers and screenshots would come, but the longer I waited the more restless I became. I had PRECIOUS information — Strong Bad coming in playable form! And yet I had to wait. It’s not hard to see why I suffered such impatience.


On the other hand, now you have two posts worth of new info to devour, so all the better. Above is the first of three new trailers for the new Strong Bad game, and you can see the second and third after the jump. I’m loving them all, my favorite quote being Strong Bad exclaiming, “This is the best game I’ve never played!” in his faux Wii safety video. For those of you who have the gift of not taking life too seriously, these games are surely going to rock your world.

[Via Gametrailers — Thanks Justin]

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