More Street Fighter love: Kaiyodo’s Revoltech Chun-Li reviewed

With the release of Street Fighter IV this week, there’s no better time to present to you Kaiyodo’s Chun-Li, from their new Street Fighter Online series of Revoltech figures. This is a joint project between Kaiyodo and Capcom under Good Smile Company, to crack open the wallets of Street Fighter fans and help promote Street Fighter Online.

Subtitled Mouse Generation, the new SFO is apparently some PC iteration of Street Fighter that is played with — you guessed it — a computer mouse. Uh … yeah. Don’t look to me for answers on how that’s supposed to work. What I do know is that, like many of you, I’m a massive Street Fighter fan, and I’m delighted to see these characters make their welcome debut to the world of Revoltech.

If you share the same sentiment, or are just curious and would like to see some pretty pictures, you can head nextdoor to Tomopop to check out my full review of the figure.

Topher Cantler