More PlayStation 4 deals as the PS4 Slim and Pro near

Before hardware iterations get in the way

With the PlayStation 4 Pro out in November and the Slim out next week, what will become of the old PlayStation 4 bundles? It’s retail sell-off time and the deals have started already.

First we should note that most retailers have already dropped the old PlayStation 4 + Call of Duty Black Ops III and similar bundles to a $299.99 list price (the same price the PlayStation 4 Slim will be when it releases next week). But on top of the reduction, NewEgg is tossing in a free PlayStation Plus 12-month membership card to move some units.

PlayStation 4 Deals

Another retailer offering decent deals on the old PS4 bundles is Walmart. There you’ll find the same PS4 Black Ops III bundle down to $299 with a bonus copy of NBA 2K16 tossed in. If you’re not a fan of Call of Duty, Wally World also has the refurbished white PlayStation 4 Destiny: The Taken King bundle on sale for $269.99 which is a far cry from its original $450 list price.

The last deal is a slightly cheaper $279.99 bundle on eBay Deals. This brand-new console is the cheapest we see one going for without buying refurbished or pre-owned, yet we’d probably stay away from this since for $20 more will get you a PlayStation 4 Slim Uncharted 4 bundle by next week.

If none of these deals strike your fancy, you can always check back next week to see if retailers get more aggressive on the eve of the Slim’s release.