More pew pew pew videos from Halo: Reach

I think the DMR is my new favorite weapon in Halo: Reach. It’s a perfect blend of the Battle Rifle from Halo 3 and the sniper rifle. Oh, and yes, I wrecked the other team in this game of SWAT. I seriously think the other press folks were glad when I finally left the review event as I winning throughout the entire day. Good times!

Check out Crazy King, more Juggernaut, Free-for-all, Rockets and Invasion below.


Crazy King




Funny story: On one of the Invasion games we played on the Spire map, Bungie’s Community Manager, Brian Jarrard, was able to get the core he needed at the top of the Spire building. He jumped off the building knowing he would die but he would at least get the data on the ground floor for his teammates to grab and escape in the waiting nearby Pelican.

The problem with Brian’s plan, however, was that since it was everyone’s first time playing this gametype and map, everyone on Brian’s team followed him and jumped off the building as well not knowing what he was trying to accomplish. They couldn’t recover in time and lost the match. Seriously wish I had video of that.

Hamza Aziz