More on Sega’s dragon-themed RPG: They ARE making RPG now!

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Last week we saw an advert from Sega which showed the outline of a dragon and a rather straightforward message: “We’re making RPG now!” it turns out they really are making RPG now, as The Seventh Dragon has been unveiled for the DS with some hot Famitsu-flavored details.

The Kazuya Niinou-spawned game will allow up to four players to work together and will include a job system. Each job will have its own skill tree, and you may choose to be a Rogue, Mage, Princess, Knight, Fighter, Samurai and Healer. Using a “command-style” battle system, the premise so far is simpler than David Berkowitz — kill the dragon. It looks like very traditional RPG fare, which is okay by me.

It’s looking at a Japanese Spring release next year. But we’re wanting RPG now!

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