More LEGO games are on the horizon

Traveller’s Tales has already delved into Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Batman with their successful LEGO games, but what’s next for the company? If you guessed “more LEGO games,” you’d be absolutely right.

Talking to Variety, Traveller’s Tales president Jon Burton revealed that “we’ve gotten started doing some LEGO games on the Warner IP … down the line.” He also says that he’d like to make a TV show aimed at children and maybe even a CG film.

Theoretically, this means that we could see LEGO games based on Superman, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, or even The Matrix down the line.

All of those franchises could work perfectly fine in the LEGO-verse (okay, maybe not The Matrix), but it will probably be some time before we here any more on the subject.


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