More images of THQ’s Undisputed 2010 appear

Man. Nothing gets us more pumped than leering at still images of hard men with large, sweat-glistened bodies. And to see them crawl on top of each other like animals, pawing and swiping with vigor, oh my! UFC Undisputed 2010 is a dream come true. We appreciate THQ’s efforts in bring us the most realistic, and the most stimulating MMA game to date. Not that there’s been many before. But still.

We’re not sure who is in the images — we’ve been busy watching re-runs of “Dexter” instead of catching up on UFC. But it’s of note that these digital people look like real people that probably exist, and enjoy pushing noses out of sockets. It seems unwise to even make fun of the digital versions of these dudes, so we’ll just stay quiet on this matter.

Brad BradNicholson