More HDTV deals before Black Friday

4K? Pff. They’re cheap now.

Don’t save up too much for your next 4K Smart TV because with the trend in TV prices lately we’re seeing some massive price drops. Some 4K Smart TVs are even under $400 now, and this week we’re even seeing a PS4 Pro + TV bundle deal that’s available at multiple retailers.

B&H Photo is joining in with Best Buy and hawking the latest PS4 Pro plus a Sony 55-inch XBR-X700D 4K Smart TV for only $998. The XBR-X700D is a recently released 2016 model from Sony with Motionflow XR 240 technology… which doesn’t mean it’s the best TV in the world for gaming, but at least they’re trying in the tech mumble jumble. It’s a $900 unit elsewhere online, but with this bundle you’ll save $300 if you were to buy both separately.

HDTV Deals

Five More Decent TV Deals

As mentioned prices are collapsing on 4K TVs in late 2016 as we near Black Friday. We’re now looking at big screen 4K Smart units going for as low as $350 on a 55-inch Westinghouse.

Slightly more budget? Jump up to a name brand LG TV from February 2016 will run you $549 on BuyDig’s eBay page (historic low by $101 — a deal that just popped up this week).

If you don’t mind going a bit smaller, Sam’s Club is offering a 43-inch 4K Smart TV for $228.99. You’ll need to be a member for that price, but you can still buy if you’re not if you don’t mind subjecting yourself to a 10% extra cost to $252 — which is still a ridiculously good deal.

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