More Gears content coming; loss of sleep is assured

Mark Rein of Epic — the folks that have brought us Gears of War — has announced that the game will receive substantial support in its post-release lifespan. In case you were already going through sleepless nights because of the game, prepare those eye drops:

Console customers, for the most part, are used to buying a game and that being, pretty much, the end of what they can expect for that game. That’s not how Epic Games works. We have a long-term history of supporting our games well after release. Since the very first Unreal Tournament game we have had a track record of excellent post-release support.

We’re going to support Gears of War and we’re going to make improvements and enhancements for it.

Right now we don’t have an exact release plan for this but we’re absolutely listening to you, our customers. Keep posting in this forum. Let us know if you find any problems. Let us know what you love and what you don’t love about the game. We’ll do out best to keep you happy playing Gears of War for years to come!

Oh you little bastards. You just had to feed us more of the Gears crack, didn’t you?

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