More Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360/PS3 console war bullsh*t

I thought we’d gone through this all already? Despite being told multiple times that the Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII won’t affect the PS3 version, Square Enix still feels the need to reassure worried Sony fans who can’t seem to stop whining about it. Thus it continues, with the studio saying there is “no chance” of the PS3 version being compromised.

Square Enix producer Yoshinori Kitase has donned riot gear and walked among the screeching masses, focusing on the common belief that the 360 version will require eight million DVDs to house the entire thing. Kitase states that no matter how many discs the game will need, it won’t be a factor in the game’s overall quality. 

“So we don’t know how many discs it’ll be housed on for 360, but there won’t be a chance that we’ll compromise anything because, oh it didn’t fit in the 360 discs so we’ll have to take it out of the PS3 version, or vice versa,” he explains. 

The funny thing is, it doesn’t really matter whether or not Square Enix has “nerfed” the PS3 version of the game, because we’ll never know either way. Unless Squeenix explicitly says so, which it shan’t, neither the 360 or PS3 fanboys shall find out for sure what has truly happened behind the scenes.

Nevertheless, they won’t stop arguing about it, and Square Enix shall sit in the middle of the warring tribes, making a big fat wad of cash out of them both.

Jim Sterling