More EU Rock Band madness: EA confirms PS3/PS2/Wii date, then backpedals

The wide, wonderful world of videogames can be rather confusing at times, especially when you’re talking about the nebulous area of release dates. Here’s a follow-up to our original post on Rock Band and how it finally got a European release date. If you remember, that story explained that EA had set a May 23rd release date for the Xbox 360 version of the game; they would only say that PS3, PS2, and Wii versions would come “later this summer”.

Earlier today, reported that EA had told them of a definitive date for those three console versions of Rock Band: August 29th. Apparently, the date had been discreetly inserted at the bottom of a fact sheet for the European release. Of course, that would mean that Rock Band would effectively be a three-month timed exclusive for the 360 in Europe, which is quite a coup on Microsoft’s part.

However, VideoGamer later updated their article with a retraction from EA:

Update: earlier contacted EA regarding the date following the presence of an August 29 release date on a Rock Band fact sheet.

EA’s confirmation has now been retracted. The publisher telling [sic] that the European release date for Rock Band on PS3, Wii and PS2 “isn’t confirmed, and is on the factsheet in error”.

All EA is willing to confirm is a “later this summer” date, which is back where we started.

Curious, eh? Either way, if you’re a European PS3, Wii, or PS2 owner who’s excited about Rock Band coming to your town, you can probably expect two things: (1) you’ll be waiting for a while, and (2) you’ll be paying through the nose.

[Via VideoGamer]

Samit Sarkar